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Vinyl Plank Flooring in Cecilia KY 42724

Decorating kids’ rooms can be a challenge. Their tastes can change with each school year, making it difficult to keep up with trends and staying budget. Flooring in children’s rooms should be durable, practical, easy to changed, and fun. Try these innovative ideas for a flooring design any kid would love.

Layer Carpet with Small Area Rugs

If your child’s room is already carpeted in a neutral tone, think of it as a blank canvas. Add some Vinyl Plank Flooring Cecilia KY 42724 color rather instead of replacing the carpet. You probably don’t want to re-carpet a room neon blue because it’s your son or daughter’s favorite color. That could change in a year or even a week! A better solution for the flooring design is decorating with a few area rugs in bright colors and geometric shapes. Try a variety of colors and shapes for a room that will help stimulate your child’s mind and can be Cecilia KY 42724 rearranged as they age into whatever style they desire. These small rugs can be replaced or removed without a huge financial investment, possibly trading out some colors for others, or keeping only one shape for a more understated look that’s still fun.

Cover up with a Bold Design

For a more long-term solution, cover up the bulk of the floor space with a bigger area rug. The rug can protect your flooring from inevitable spills and scuffs Vinyl Plank Flooring Cecilia KY 42724 while adding some joy to the room. A bold, but abstract flooring design can be paired with different accessories that will grow with your child. An area rug in a daring in a turquoise and yellow chevron pattern is appropriate for a young toddler’s room, but won’t be outgrown as quickly as something like butterflies or dinosaurs. Likewise, patterns like stars, floral motifs, or geometric designs can be suitable for a variety of ages and Cecilia KY 42724 keep your child’s room looking great for years.

Play it Safe with Foam Tiles

Try foam tiles to brighten up a child’s room while also creating a cushy play area where kids can roughhouse without hurting themselves or your floors. Foam tiles are affordable and extremely easy to install. They fit together like puzzle pieces so they can easily be moved around a room and put away whenever it’s convenient. These tiles can be purchased in almost Cecilia KY 42724 any color or print imaginable. These foam mats are a particularly nice for homes with hardwood floors, where little ones are more likely to get bumps and bruises during play.

Any of these options can make a big difference in the appearance and practicality of your little one’s room. Fun colors and bold designs are perfect for options to grow with your child.

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